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Buying a Home

The Ten Commandments of Buying a House

From National Association of REALTORS®

I. Thou Shalt Not Buy a House (unless you’re sure you’re ready).
II. Thou Shalt Do Thy Homework.
III. Thou Shalt Become Qualified for a Loan Before You Shop.
IV. Thou Shalt Work with a REALTOR®
V. Thou Shalt Take Thy Uncle Bernie House Hunting with You.
VI. Thou Shalt Offer a Fair Price.
VII. Thou Shalt Remember: Everything in Real Estate is Negotiable.
VIII. Thou Shalt Hire a Home Inspector.
IX. Thou Shalt Decide if 3 Strong Friends with a Rental Truck is Really the Best Way to Move.
X. Thou Shalt Make Thy New House a Home.
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